R.I.P., Buddy Marie Messick

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Buddy Marie Snicklefritz Messick passed away on June 1, 2015, with his BFF Kelsey Messick at his side. In human years he was 15. Because Buddy had so many human qualities (but only the good ones) we’ll let that stand as his official age.

As a Shih Tzu, Buddy was part of a royal lineage and bore his distinction with style and grace. But he was never haughty; far from it. Buddy was a man of the people— some might call him a traitor to his breed— who barked at Fox News when it appeared (ever so briefly) on the TV screen. He might have belonged by birth to the 1%, but his sympathies were squarely with the 99%. Buddy was a loyal, affectionate, playful beast who loved to curl up on the couch and keep his family company. He was a mensch.

Buddy had wide-ranging interests that took him to many places. During his “sock period” he traveled around the world— well, his house— in search of discarded socks to nuzzle and devour. As a youth he conducted a torrid romance with the Maltese across the street, making many furtive forays into the neighbor’s yard in search of amore. He was undeterred when his paramour turned out to be male. Buddy was far too loving and caring to let a little thing like gender stand in the way of his heart.

Buddy was also a regular visitor at many parks and other open-air places, where he was always careful to return the adoration he received from children. He had to decline when asked to sign autographs, not having an opposable thumb, but always left his young admirers smiling and cooing. Buddy never harmed or injured any living thing.

As you would expect from so far-flung an adventurer, Buddy was also a dog of mystery, and this expressed itself in many names and aliases. Among the ones that have now been declassified are: Mr. B. Marie, Bud-Sothoth, Buddy Bananas, The Budster, Buddy McGillicutty, Mr. Buddy Barky-Pants, and— his personal favorite— Buddy Marie the Bumble Bee. If other aliases are released to the public domain, we will provide them as they become available.

Buddy loved deeply and fully. Among his special passions were treat-treats, table scraps, and fresh water. He also enjoyed the occasional plate of pumpkin puree. In spring and fall, he loved to bask on his deck chair and savor the fresh air while breezes stirred his luxurious coat. His favorite human was undoubtedly Kelsey Marie, who fell in love with him at first sight when he was only two months old and brought him home to his wonderful life. Their connection was powerful, special, and profound.

We were privileged to live with Buddy for almost all of his 15 years— a not inconsiderable span of time that now seems to have passed all too quickly. His final illness was brief, but his impact on our lives will last forever. He will live on in our memories, and he will never leave our hearts.

Here’s to you, Buddy Marie. May the barking go on and on!!!